The Unusually Long & Curious Road of a Durango Pipe Tobacco Cigar

Written By Durango Cigars - October 01 2018


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Roy Messner
April 13 2021

How do you even buy a cigar from you guy?
Im curious to try a few of your cigar….We have a cigar meeting every week at work and I’ve told the guys about your cigars but you just don’t make it that easy to select and buy on line.

Plus it would be nice to try a sampler of all your cigars but you don’t really offer that.

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John Bostwick
January 22 2021

I was wondering when the Colombian mocha was going to be back in stock? Every time I try to buy them they are out of stock. Also what about the burnt Peach ones ?

Eric Ressler
January 16 2021

I have been looking for a true, cherry flavored pipe tobacco cigar.
I enjoy cigars every now and again. My fiance is not a fan, but does remember when her father smoked a cherry pipe and enjoys that aroma.

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